Foot Laser Treatments

Foot Laser Treatments

Our practice can provide effective foot care services to help you overcome impaired functionality, lower limb pain and a wide range of foot issues. We can do this with state-of-the-art treatment methods, including laser therapy. 

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A laser is a concentrated light beam that can be used to give relief from pain and repair tissue. In some cases, a continuous laser is used to do this, whereas for some conditions a pulsed laser is used to control swelling. 

What Does Foot Laser Treatment Do?

The light energy used in laser therapy penetrates deeply into the cells that have been damaged. This then accelerates the reproduction and growth of the cells, encouraging healing activity in the affected area. This treatment is very effective for treating the soft tissues found in the feet, including the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. These soft tissues are often affected by injury or damage. The light wavelengths that our experts use to treat foot issues can reduce swelling and pain by triggering your body’s own anti-inflammatory responses in the tissue that has been damaged. 

How Does Foot Laser Treatment Work?

This treatment is started by outlining the area that is in need of care before the laser is applied. The laser device is calibrated precisely to deliver energy in the correct pulses, wavelengths, dosages, and durations. The laser is delivered in a rhythmic manner to do this most effectively. The laser emissions, dual-action work, and synchronization work together to trigger your natural healing ability and cell growth. 

An added benefit of foot laser treatments is that the circulation in the damaged area or injured area improves. The improved circulation also promotes further healing by giving essential nutrients, water, and oxygen to the cells to further promote recovery. The lasers also contribute to reduced stiffness and pre-existing muscle spasms. 

Does Laser Treatment Hurt?

Many people worry that laser treatment will be painful or uncomfortable. People want to have the benefits of reduced pain, faster healing, and improved circulatory function, but worry about the treatment itself. Laser therapy is in fact safe and completely painless. Most patients report no pain or any sensation during treatment. The average treatment also takes less than ten minutes, making this a fast, pain-free option. Some medications used to treat foot conditions can have unpleasant side effects, but a laser foot treatment is side-effect free. 

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Lasers?

Laser treatment methods can benefit a variety of different conditions, as the laser can be used in a variety of different ways. Laser therapy can be very good for managing foot and ankle pain, for example, the pain that comes with arthritis, neuromas, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. Lasers can also be used as part of a treatment plan for sports injuries or other wounds.  

Both acute and chronic conditions can be helped with feet laser treatments. An acute condition may only require one phase of treatment, whereas a chronic condition may require regular treatment to see continued improvement. 

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Treatment?

Some of the best benefits of laser treatment for the feet include:

Accelerated tissue repair and cellular growth – cells absorb the photon energy emitted by the laser, which can then lead to faster growth and repair for the patient being treated. 

Improved vascular activity – the formation of new capillaries is able to speed up the healing process. It also helps to reduce scar tissue and closes wounds quickly, which leads to faster healing, less scarring left after treatment and reduces the risk of infection. 

Increased metabolic activity – during laser treatment, the damaged cells receive greater quantities of oxygen, water, and nutrients, thanks to the improved circulation caused by the treatment. The cells will also be able to take in and make more efficient use of the nutrients for faster healing and improved foot health. 

Improved immune function – laser light works by stimulating the lymphocytes and immunoglobulins, which are an essential part of the immune system to keep you in good health. 

Laser treatment can be used as part of a wider recommended treatment plan for many different foot conditions that might be causing you problems. If you think laser treatment could help you, or you have any other concerns about the health of your feet, you can contact us and speak to our expert podiatrists about how we can help you. They can ease your concerns about laser treatment and help you find the right solution for whatever foot issues are causing you pain, discomfort or reduced mobility.