Comp Ortho Foot & Ankle Services

See some of our most common foot & ankle services below. Having trouble with your feet, ankles or lower extremities? Call or chat with us today.

Foot Surgery

If left untreated, certain foot and ankle conditions can cause debilitating pain, interrupting our lives and making it difficult to carry out daily tasks. Read more.

Sports Injuries

Sport and exercise are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle but as with any form of physical activity, they can put extra stress on areas of our bodies, such as our feet. Read More.

Foot, Nail & Skin Conditions

Our doctors treat a variety of foot conditions that have been caused by sports injuries, heel pain, and skin and toenail conditions. For more info, read more here.

Custom Orthotics & Braces

Custom orthotics are crafted to work alongside your feet to target the issue causing your discomfort. We can also prescribe braces to address other conditions. Read more.

Foot Laser Treatments

Our practice can provide effective foot care services to help you overcome impaired functionality, lower limb pain and a wide range of foot issues. Read more.

Diabetic Foot Care

Take care of yourself and manage your Diabetes to keep your circulation strong and your nerves healthy to protect your feet from other problems. Read more.

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